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PCE 20180323-184b521a

OS Platform
Windows 32-Bit
Auch ein dos-emulator

Quelle PCE-HP:

PCE is a collection of microcomputer emulators. At the moment it contains three emulators:

PCE/atarist is an Atari ST emulator. It emulates the various ST and Mega ST models.

PCE/ibmpc is an IBM PC 5150 emulator. It emulates an IBM PC 5150 or an IBM PC/XT 5160.

PCE/macplus is a classic Macintosh emulator. It emulates a Macintosh 128K, Macintosh 512k, Macintosh 512ke, Macintosh Plus, Macintosh SE or a Macintosh Classic.

PCE/rc759 is a Regnecentralen RC759 Piccoline emulator.

PCE was written in ANSI-C and is licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 2.
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  1. Neue Version 20180323-184b521a

    Die 7z datei in diesem Update enthält folgende dateien: pce-20180323-184b521a-atari-1040st.zip...
  2. Neue version

    Neue version, was geändert wurde, kann ich so nicht entziffern >.<