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Ootake 2.91

OS Platform
Windows 32-Bit
The future of "Ootake"
- Operation of the some games that do not operate
- Multi Language Menu and Message (The edit will be possible)
- Movie Capture preservation (AVI form)
- CD-Aaccess LED display
- Config of shortcut key
- Additionally, demand from user (give priority to the one of important or
that mounts easily)

"Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8(32bit/64bit)" and "DirectX9.0c(or more)".
(It doesn't operate in "Windows 98/Me".)
Windows8 has the display delay of about two frames compared with XP and
Win7(classic display). Use with Windows7 or less is strongly recommended.
Video card for "DirectX9.0c(or more)".
Sound card for "DirectX9.0c(or more)". It is likely to become noisy in a
part of "Onboard Sound" and the "USB Sound", etc. A sound card fast (It is
few of latency) is recommended.

Perhaps, CPU more than "1GHz-2GHz class" is necessary to play comfortably.
- If your personal computer is not fast, push "Light(Fast)" button on the
option screen (appear with "Option" button under the left after Ootake
starts). Afterwards, push "Set" button. Then, operation becomes light(
fast) set. However, the screen might flicker when scrolling because it
is not V-Sync(vertical synchronization). Therefore, set only the item of
"V-Sync" (the 3rd from top) to "V-Sync 60Hz (Beauty,Default)" after
pushing "Light(Fast)" button if it is possible.

To play by the sense of a real average machine, it is recommended to play by
"JoyPad with a good reaction". The reaction of the pad to which the
vibration function has adhered by an original driver might be late. Use the
quick one that moves by the driver of the Windows standard to operate.
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