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Model-B 10/4/2004

OS Platform
Windows 32-Bit
Die Zip-datei hier enthält alle Dateien die von der HP runtergeladen werden können (model-b download bereich)

Quelle Model-B HP:
model-b is a BBC Micro emulator, designed for playing BBC B and BBC B+ games on your Windows PC. model-b faithfully reproduces the BBC's sound and graphics, is very easy to use, and runs just about every BBC game out there.

The minimal system requirements are Pentium II, Windows '95, and DirectX 3. Screen resolution must be 800x600 or greater. The emulator can use your Windows joysticks if you have DirectX 8 or better installed.

As of 2013, model-b is not currently under active development. Although the latest versions date from 2004, they run fine under Windows 7, and should run rather nicely on just about any modern PC.
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